Dear Yatris,

Greeting from Jagriti Yatra!

As you know and have experienced, Jagriti Yatra creates an enduring ecosystem of networking on a train journey in which there is robust interaction between role models, change-makers, leaders, entrepreneurs, etc. that started out on a journey just like any other and have made a difference to thousands of lives. Yatris forge long-term bonds with like-minded young leaders, co-Yatris and complete strangers.

Yatris become the closest of friends and comrades for life.

We would like to foster these relationships further. We are glad to inform you that Jagriti Yatra is launching the Yatri Alumni Platform to allow Yatris to provide and receive “Network Support” forever from other Yatris.

Grow your network, grow your business, execute your business idea, get a mentor, seek advice from experts from your own fields/sector, demography and more.

Yaaro Chalo!
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Alumni Impact Stories

Aparajita Bharti 2009 Yatri

Meeting the inspiring social entrepreneurs on and off the train made me fearless, it gave me the confidence that if one follows their passion, paths do open up.

I went on Jagriti Yatra when I was in the final year of my graduation at 20 years of age in 2009. I had already secured a placement in a consulting firm, however I knew that my heart wasn't in it. Going on the Yatra, however changed my perspective.

In 2016, I co-founded my own social enterprise with my partner Rohit called the Young Leaders for Active Citizenship and in 2017, a policy consulting firm The Quantum Hub. I rely on the Jagriti Google group for outreach, hiring, partnerships, even till this day and have been in touch with the team throughout and have seen the yatra grow from strength to strength!

Prathamesh Krisang 2011 Yatri

Knowing the tools is not enough, but knowing the philosophy behind that work is of greatest importance.

Prathamesh Krisang’s road to success is sprinkled with stories of him self-teaching – and then, excelling – at everything that is now in his job description.

The notion of entrepreneurship had ingrained itself in him post-Jagriti Yatra, and a self-taught filmmaker and director, he is now the CEO of Krisang Pictures – an enterprise he set up in 2011.

Lekha Naidu 2008 Yatri

I learned more about myself and nature of people and places in those few days of the Yatra than in all my years before that put together.

Creative Director of Avala Hejje
— meaning ‘Her Steps’ in Kannada — an organisation that arms women with the awareness of recognising bias when they face it and addressing them in order to grow past them.

It was after absorbing the learnings from her 18 days of the Yatra, interacting with entrepreneurs and looking at the journey of growth of other Yatris, and founding a theatre company ‘Sapeksha’, that she went head to launch Avala Hejje.

Mahendra Pyati 2009 Yatri

The train journey is all about meeting like-minded people who are able go ahead in life despite all odds.

Jagriti Yatra has provided many Yatris the stimulating environment that is needed for the seed of entrepreneurship to grow – one of them being Mahendra Pyati. Since his Yatra in 2009, he has started not one, but two enterprises.

Nav Prabhuti an NGO, curates vocational programmes for autistic adults.

Aao Hostels, founded in collaboration with Saurabh Jain (Yatri 2011) was kick-started only after their Yatra experience. Just like Nav Prabhuti was established in response to the lack of attention towards autism, Aao Hostels was set up in response to the dearth of hostels which offer affordable accommodation to backpackers in India.

Masha Nazeem 2012 Yatri

The Yatra transformed me from an innovator to an entrepreneur.

Masha’s list of achievements is constantly gaining additions as she moves on through her life; she is the proud keeper of 2 International awards, 5 National awards, 2 President awards and 5 Southern India awards.

Masha Nazeem’s innovation-filled journey started with a burglary alarm system which she designed at the age of nine; she has since come up with twelve innovations. She founded Masha Innovation Centre to develop the same drive to innovate in school children. Masha’s own projects have received high acclaims and two of them were tested by the Indian Government – her 'Hitech train toilet' by the Indian Railways and the 'Flameless Seal Maker' in two polling stations by the Election Commission of India.

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