Dear Yatris,

We have decided to come to you. To a city close to you in your region to celebrate this milestone with you. We are replacing the 3-day #MYATRA with an exciting series of events in 4 cities in the month of October – a series that we are calling ‘Building India through Enterprise Conversations'.

We will have two events in each city, morning and afternoon. The morning event will be to engage with wider stakeholders, where we need your support to drum up participation. The afternoon event will be a classic Yatri alumni event followed by dinner.

The theme of both these sessions is similar, albeit with a different audience. The theme of these meetings will be – Connect, Collaborate, Create – for you to Connect with the leaders and innovators, Collaborate with other Yatris and us to Create a new future. Don't worry, we will not miss relishing the sweet memories of the Yatra! And we will ensure that each sessions starts and ends with the Jagriti Geet and dance.


  • Meet industry leaders and innovators
  • Find out what other Yatris are doing
  • Relish the memories of the Yatra


  • Join Jagriti in its efforts to transform the 'Middle India'
  • Showcase your enterprise
  • Join other Yatris in their enterprises


  • Create a blueprint for 'district-development' with us
  • Learn and build solutions for your own district

Here are the dates for the events:

Mumbai 4th November 2017
Hyderabad 5th November 2017
Delhi 11th November 2017
Bangalore 12th November 2017

We will soon be reaching out to you to find the city leaders and teams who can help us design and execute an exciting program for this series. We will soon publish a detailed agenda for the events so that we can have your confirmations for these events. The webpage will be live soon!

The Jagriti team is delighted to meet you all in its 10th year, and waiting to hear from you. Send your comments, thoughts, and ideas.

Keep checking this space for more details.

Yaaron Chalo!