It's been nearly 10 years since it all started. The first Jagriti Yatra was flagged off in 2008 with future leaders, change-makers; who wanted to Build India through Enterprise. For some it was a journey of self-discovery, for others it was to discover the India that had to be rebuilt afresh. For all, it became a journey of a lifetime. As one participant told us, life is divided into two halves - before and after the Yatra.

This family of nation builders is now 4,200 strong. Yatris are now in every conceivable location in the country, and many across the world. Three international Yatras in USA, France, and Peru have been successful, we have launched a district level enterprise ecosystem in Purvanchal, and are building a world class Jagriti Enterprise Centre in Barpar.

But in all these years what moved us the most was your stories. They form the backbone of a network of nation builders, role models, panelists and companies that have supported this movement. A movement that is one of the largest of its kind in India, with a focus on smaller towns and villages.

So when it came to celebrating our 10th anniversary we said, let us do it on a Train! And let us do it by visiting the two places the Father of the Nation held dearest to himself.

Team Jagriti is pleased to invite you to register for the 10th-anniversary celebrations over the 2nd October weekend starting on 30th September (Saturday) and ending in Mumbai on the 3rd morning (Tuesday). We are inviting Alumni to bring your spouse or a business partner if you have started a venture. Maybe they will also get to understand what you have been speaking about for so long!

Reconnect with the Jagriti ecosystem to renew relationships and discover new partnerships. Find like-minded partners working on the same cause as you in yatris from other ‘years’, reinforce bonds of teaming with your cohorts and groups, share lessons, learnings, inspirations, motivations, every Yatri had on the Yatra and since then.

A three-day train journey to relive those moments of high energy, to meet others building India through enterprise, to celebrate the success and give yourself another mini self-exploration. The alumni meet is only for ex-yatris or their spouses/business partners; the contribution amount is non-refundable.

Meet Your Alumni, Train, Rolemodels Again
Contribution Amount - INR 8500/person*
Last date to apply - 15th August 2017
* Contribution amount is non-refundable