Udyam Sammellan

On the eve of India's 71st Independence Day, Jagriti requests the honour of your presence at a 2-day August Conclaveon 12th  and 13th  August 2017, in the heartland of India, Deoria, Uttar Pradesh.

The agenda of the Conclave is to shape a model of 'district enterprise ecosystem' through discussions with enterprise leaders, experts, and practitioners, local small and medium entrepreneurs, Gram Panchayats, and our alumni community. The vision of Jagriti is to create a new Udyam Pradesh in eastern UP where enterprise-led development will spearhead the re-development of the region. Udyam Karo, Aage Badho is the theme of the Conclave, and the new war cry of Jagrit Deoria.

In the last 2 years of building ecosystem in eastern Uttar Pradesh, Jagriti has supported scalable enterprises through market access, mentorship and connect to funds. A native-language call centre, Rural Shores BPO, has produced 300 local jobs for local youth. A pickle-making enterprise, Rural Roots, is providing economic opportunities to women with dignity. A handicraft company, Deoria Designs, is exporting craft to Fab India and countries like Dubai. A digital literacy program, Internet Saathi, has exposed around 20 Lakhs women in the region to Internet through smartphones. In the next phase, we are supporting them to become digital entrepreneurs. A turmeric processing and marketing idea promises to improved livelihoods for more than 10,000 farmers in the region.

We would like to invite you at the Conclave to share your views on building an enterprise ecosystem in the heart of India, and the re-development of a region with enterprise formula.

Kindly confirm your presence so that I can discuss the logistics of travel and agenda of the Conclave in detail.

Please have a look at our websites www.jagritiyatra.com  and www.jen.co.in.

We look forward to hear from you.