Jagriti Ambassadors for District Entrepreneurs

We are calling you to be the Jagriti Ambassador for District Entrepreneurs (JADE) in your respective region, and hunt for future entrepreneurs, and help them participate in the Yatra. You have the chance to directly get involved in this fantastic talent spotting activity by being the nominated Jagriti Ambassadors for your region.

Every year we put in a lot of effort in trying to find deserving candidates in the small towns and villages of India, however our voice seldom gets into these areas due to lack of communications channels. Yet we know that the next nation-builder will emerge from our disparate Tier 3 and 4 towns where majority of our population live and where the opportunity to build through enterprise is the greatest.

We would like you to play a key role in identifying this talent.

“ Be a Jagriti ambassador...
Spread the message of Jagriti in your district...
Get 30 entrepreneurial youth from your district... ”

Meet the selected JADE for 2014


JADE is an awareness program of Jagriti Yatra to recruit Yatris as Jagriti ambassadors in the selected Tier 3 and 4 districts in country so that they can bring quality applications from the entrepreneurial youth of their region. Through JADE, they will mobilize participants (20-27 yrs) and facilitators (25 yrs and above) from their districts to apply for Jagriti Yatra.


Only Yatris are allowed to apply for the program. We are looking for

  • Independent, self-motivated, mature and responsible high achievers
  • Excellent communicators in both group presentations and one-on-one conversations
  • Well-networked with contacts and ability to engage with a variety of audiences
  • Resourceful and perseverant in the face of obstacles
  • Organized and accountable for their deliverables; professional in their approach to the work at hand
  • Committed to Jagriti Yatra’s vision and mission


Apply for the program or write to awareness@jagritiyatra.com for more details.

The ambassadors can use the following tried and tested methods in their districts for attracting quality applications. However, they are encouraged to use any other methods they feel suitable to their districts.

Target events and forums - Present Yatra at college festivals, youth events, and other important events in the district.
Connect - Connect with the local NGOs, trusts, self-help groups, wide-spread networks such as E-Sahaj and NSS
Involve local media - Conduct local press meets; publish articles in regional newspapers; involve community and FM radio, and TV channels

Once you get us the applications, give recommendations for the same. Your recommendation will matter a lot during the selection of applicants from your district.


  • Publicity on the Jagriti Yatra Website and Social Media as Jagriti Ambassador of your district
  • Raise your hand for your best candidate to be selected
  • Stand a chance to be nominated for the iVolunteer Awards
  • 3 best ambassadors to win a cash prize, and sponsored trip to the launch ceremony of Jagriti Yatra in Mumbai
  • Be the best and get funded to travel to your chosen role model

APPLY to become a JADE.

Selected JADE for 2016

Abinaya Rangarajan
District: Chennai
State: TamilNadu

Why JADE: "This journey, Jagriti Yatra has all the elements which every youth should experience! From the adventurous 15 day train journey to food to networking to biz gyan tree to sessions in the chair car.. it gives everyone a chance to get to know themselves better.What could be the best feeling in this world other than being on this life changing journey making great lifetime relationships? My aim now, is to make this world know about this fascinating journey and make every capable youth travel and live it!"

Abhinaav Singh
District: Pune
State: Maharashtra

Why JADE: "Having experienced it first hand, I understand the power of Jagriti Yatra in trying to mobilise and motivate the talented youth so they realise their entrepreneurial potential and put their abilities to good use. This inspiring platform should be made available to all those who deserve it, and I want to play my part in ensuring that it happens.”"

Bhushan Reddy
District: Ludhiana
State: Punjab

Why JADE: "In each and every sector India needs talented young entrepreneurs who have had deep exposure to India’s broader realities, who understand the challenges and opportunities present in diverse environments, and who have the skills and determination to discover and implement innovative ideas in these areas. Jagriti Yatra working towards the mission of 'Building India through enterprise' needs such talented young leaders and entrepreneurs. JADE program gives me this opportunity to scout for such deserving talented young change makers and do my bit towards building India through enterprise."

Aditya Patni
District: Sirohi
State: Rajasthan

Why JADE: "To Spread the spirit of Yatra among the people of my district so they can be a part of this life transforming train journey towards making a better nation."

Sharath Koona
District: Adilabad
State: Telangana

Why JADE: "Jagriti Yatra is one unique platform where dreamers(Yatris) & achievers (Role Models) meet to bring a sustainable change. Here Dreamers Learn to achieve & Achievers, Dream again. I want to be the Bridge between these Dreamers & Achievers by becoming a "JADE"(According to Chinese JADE is also A material representation of wisdom and heart/mind cultivation) I truly want to share my wisdom & mind with future Yatriprenures."

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