Jagriti Yatra COVID-19 Response

The recent COVID crisis has impacted communities globally in unimaginable ways. From the immediate healthcare crisis to the imminent economic impact, we are slowly seeing it unfolding before us. This is the time when the communities need to be supported so that they emerge stronger and resilient out of this COVID crisis, and are better prepared to navigate in the post-COVID world.

Jagriti stays true to its commitment of nation-building in these times. As India fights back, we are seeing a unified effort of all our Yatris (alumni) during the lock-down period to hold composure and help each other in distress. We salute their enterprising spirit, who are serving their own community and fighting against the COVID crisis.

In order to support them in their efforts, we have launched Jagriti Alumni Network (JAN) - an online platform that brings all our Yatris together for meaningful collaborations.

Going further when reviving the economy, particularly in the Tier 2/3 districts, will be at centrestage, we are sure that it is our Yatris who will lead from the front.

Read about our comprehensive COVID Response Strategy and Action plan here.

Our Yatris are working in following categories:
Food/Ration distribution    Medical Supplies    Other   

Food/Ration distribution

Prahlad Mittal

Prahlad Mittal 2019 Yatri

Sambhalpur Odisha

Prahllad runs a startup called "Homvery " where they do grocery home delivery along with home maintenance services like electrician, plumber, appliances repair etc in 4 cities of odisha. Due to lockdown all local grocery shops have shortage of staff and that's why they are unable to do home delivery which is resulting in gathering of public in their shop. They have formed a team, given them training and they are delivering grocerry and medicines in 4 cities of Odisha. They have also started free tele counselling in collaboration with One life to help people feeling lonely or mental trauma during this lockdown

Mayur Pawar

Mayur Pawar 2019 Yatri

Shirur Pune Maharashtra

Wingrow Agritech has tied up with government authorities to supply vegetables at the doorstep of the Coustmers. You are aware that because of COVID-19 there is severe shortage of vegetables and fruits. Wingrow Agritech introduces "Wingrow's Box of Veggies" We have handpicked 17 assorted veggies and fruits to keep you healthy and boost your immunity in this hour of need....Our veggies are sorted and boxed in the village itself to avoid any risk of foreign contamination, we are maintaing high standards of hygiene to cater to your needs and bring the veggies right from farm to you...!!! You can now place your orders by visiting www.wingrowagritech.com

Punam runs an NGO "Dhyas" (ek n sampnara prawas) at yeota tal:Karanja,dist:-Washim pin:444105 Dhyas is group of women working for women entruprunership development. In this time of lockdown due to Covid -19, Dhyas initiated to feed the poor and needy persons. Dhyas is providing free tifin service to 150+people on daily basis morning and evening both the time. Dhyas aim is to feed the poor people of entire Washim district until the covid crises is over.

Jyotirmayi Dakkumalla

Jyotirmayi Dakkumalla 2011 Yatri

Bangalore Karnataka

Week 1- Revising the financial plan, slashing 50% of expenses and getting to survival plan. Week 2 - understanding what would be the needs of the new world. Week 3 - Working on a supply-chain related to our existing business and launching a relevant product using our existing supply-chain!!!!! Staying true to our original idea of being an E-procurement platform for B2B, earlier we supplied clothing to fashion brands and now medical grade clothing to hospital chains. We are leveraging our strength in fabric quality and garment manufacturing to bring out personal protective suits for doctors and health care professionals. Please connect us to the right places to be part of the solution along with us.

Pranav Gupta

Pranav Gupta 2019 Yatri

Ahmedabad Gujarat

I am Pranav Gupta and I run Info Analytical Foudation. Under these adverse circumstances, we at infoAnalytica Foundation, Ahmedabad, Gujarat have helped more than 1200 + families who earn daily wages with proper food supplies. These supplies contain (Dal, Rice, Flour, Sugar, Oil) and have been given to more than 5000+ people. The data of these communities have been collected by the local Municipal Corporation on which the research was conducted by IIM Ahmedabad. We've made sure that we abide by the government rules, take all safety precautions and still make sure that no one's left starving. We started the Covid-19 “FightAganistCorona” campaign on 24th March 2020 and have reached to serving more than 35000+ meals now with our effort of distributing Ration Kits to migrant families and three community kitchens working extensively to prepare meals for more than 1500+ individuals daily. We aim to serve more than 1,00,000+ individuals during this lockdown


Hi. I Am Mogili Vijender. I studied Rural Development Professional, Post graduate from TISS, Mumbai. I am currently Resident of Hyderabad and Working with ALC India. I also Support multiple initiatives like Indigenous Development organisation, Swathva cancer care. I was a yatri in 2011, ERC in 2012 and volunteered in 2013 for Jagriti Yatra. Let us all come together & make sure that they just don't have to wait for rice/daal long enough. The IDO team has identified 3000 people in the interior habitations who do not have ration card. We plan to provide: 6 KG rice, 500 GRAMS of daal/pulse/ PER PERSON. Purchase is being done from kothagudem itself. But still WE NEED FUNDS to procure & provide these groceries. Let us pledge that no one has to grieve with empty stomach & empty vessels. Let us show to the most interior habitation also that we are with them in this tough time & they are not alone in this.


Dr. S. Shadab Hassan & Dr. Neha Kaur (JY-2012) has been distributing dry grocery and essential food supplies to people residing in and around Brambe (A small village 20kms from Ranchi, Jharkhand) where they are based and run a school for the orphan and underprivileged children. Shadab and Neha have been trying to reach out to daily wage earners, old people living alone and widows who do not have anyone to support them. So far they have been able to reach out to more than 500 families and try to support 100 families each day. This collaborative effort is being supported by Mission Blue Foundation as part of Mission Blue COVID-19 Relief Camp who have been providing them with the relief materials.

Rajashri Sai

Rajashri Sai 2011 Yatri

Mumbai Maharashtra

Rajashri sai, founder of Impactree Data Technologies. We have formed a Hunger Collective in collaboration with EDUCO and CI metrices to tackle problem of lack of rations and food among daily wage earners and migrants during this time of lockdown. Through the collective we have created a platform to connect those who have a demand for food and those who can supply the same - http://ci-metrics.com/ Currently we have served over food packets and groceries to over 15,842 people across Mumbai, Thane and Navi Mumbai and we are soon expanding the model to Chennai and Pune. We are working with multiple private organisations, public sector organisations, individuals and and government bodies such as disaster management cell, Municipal corporations in Navi Mumbai and the Raigad district Civil defence organisation etc to reach more people.

Ruben Mascarenhas

Ruben Mascarenhas 2012 Yatri

Mumbai Maharashtra

KhaanaChahiye.com (Khaana Chahiye) in collaboration with Project Mumbai has come together to help feed those in extreme need, with a special focus on the homeless, street dwellers and construction workers who are the worst hit due to the lockdown. Dormant kitchen capacities of restaurants were activated and a mechanism to deliver the cooked food was set up. Khaana Chahiye is serving around 60,000+ meals a day and have serviced around 2,40,000+ meals till date. Reach out to us if you know anyone in need, we will find a way. Please donate generously: https://rebrand.ly/KhaanaChahiye (All donations will receive tax exemption)

Raj Deshmukh

Raj Deshmukh 2008 Yatri

Pune Maharashtra

Karan  Sinha

Karan Sinha 2015 Yatri

Satara Maharashtra

Amidst a worsening global health crisis, we at Mann Deshi are trying our best to avoid the spread of the COVID 19. We understand the importance of taking quick action and are closely tracking the situation in the areas we work. Although all our centers have remained shut since 19th March, our field officers are in regular touch with the women whom we support to give them the relay important safety information and to also remain updated on the situation at the grassroots. We are also regularly in touch with everyone in our team so that if anyone needs any additional support, we can respond immediately.

Kiran Malshikhre

Kiran Malshikhre JY extended staff Yatri

Pune Maharashtra

We all contributed money as needed and distributed total 50dozen bananas to the needy on streets. Our team size is big who are willing to serve and fight against this crises. We would like to donate food or ration to more families.

Shikha Gupta

Shikha Gupta 2016 Yatri

Harsh Kothari

Harsh Kothari 2019 Yatri

Patiyala Punjab

Harsh Kothari (Founder & Director), an engineering graduate, born and brought up in Rajasthan, always has an affinity towards social change. Being the lead, he is the person behind all expansions, managing human resources, channelizing the resources and giving the team, a direction to work for organization vision. He has left his lucrative job at Maruti Suzuki India Ltd. And is full time inclined towards the endeavor.Passionate towards creating child-friendly spaces, Harsh has worked with behavioural understanding and emotional management of hundred of kids by creating empathetic & compassionate spaces.

Santosh Dhakne

Santosh Dhakne 2019 Yatri

Latur Maharashtra

He takes care of 30 daily wage labour families who were from Bihar and working in his area. He arranges grocery supplies for these families and helping them for their basic needs during challeging period.

 Shalu Jain

Shalu Jain 2019 Yatri

Udaipur Rajasthan

Has been the victim of acid attack, she is known as the MONKEY'S MOM. She has fed thousands of animals and takes care of injured animals like a mother. As she gets the information about any animal who has met accident she runs to rescue him and gives whole medical treatment which shelter.

Dipali Murumkar

Dipali Murumkar 2019 Yatri

Pune Maharashtra

Dipali Murumkar is a JY 2019 Yatri. She started this initiative along with friends; Growing groceries and Vegetables is an amateur idea came into mind due to lockdown and have started delivering groceries to their doorstep. They maintain proper hygiene while delivering consumers products. As of now deliver within 3km radius. They faced difficulty in getting petrol as government issued notices regarding distribution of petrol. In spite of such difficulties they try best to provide the service.

Aditya Dave

Aditya Dave 2019 Yatri

Ahemdabad Gujrat

The 2019 yatri, Aditya Dave is directly supporting 500 street vendors and Hawkers.

Mohit Raj

Mohit Raj 2016 Yatri

Madhya Pradesh, Delhi NCR, Uttar Pradesh , Assam

Mohit co-founded India Against Corona with the aim to help Families of daily wage earners, who are domestic help, laborers, and so many others, are running out of supplies daily in the midst of the current crisis. India Against Corora is stepping up to identify and locate vulnerable people to provide emergency rations and hygiene products – this is a community initiative to connect supplies with those in need! They are actively working in 4 states, Delhi NCR, Uttar Pradesh, Madhya Pradesh, Assam!

Kanika Khurana

Kanika Khurana 2017 Yatri

Kanika was a yatri in 2017. The has taught marginalised kids. Now when corona came the kids had nothing to eat. She is helping her students families to get ration. Till now she has impacted 20+ families.

Nihal Sharma

Nihal Sharma 2017 Yatri

Lockdown affected street animals more than humans. they are left hungry roaming in streets. Nihal took imitative of feeding street animals in the the city.

Medical Supplies

Sameer Alam

Sameer Alam 2019 Yatri

Renukoot Odisha

Sameer Alam work for an NGO Society for Children (SOCH). In normal days they were doing csr implementing in some urban communities. They have now started Covid Releif. Sameer Alam is distributing ratio kits (Rice, Dal, Chuda, Sugar, Potatoes, Onions, Mustard Oil, Spices, Soap) to currently identified almost 400 familes and sometimes masks, due to limited supply only to those who still have to go out and deal with people. Started from a village where transgender people live and then moved to physically challenged, senior citizen (mostly those who are abandoned by their children).

Nazia Ali

Nazia Ali 2019 Yatri

Bhubaneshwar Odisha

Nazia Ali runs Makma Designs Pvt. Ltd. They were essentially into gifting and stiching of cotton bags and supplying but now a days given the current situation they have changesd thier business model to met the requirements masks and gowns. Currently they are making 5000 masks a day.

Naresh Sijapati

Naresh Sijapati 2016 Yatri

Ahmedabad Gujarat

Given the current crises Naresh wanted to do awareness campaign across Ahmedabad, Gujarat. and provide support to them for food and Basic Requirement. Naresh runs an NGO called Panah will provid thorugh which he intends to help Community to guide the SME to sustain in the covid crises. Panah also intents to provide basic requirements to every one and help them to get what they are looking for. Foods, livelihood, awareness and other things as well. They have a team leader in every community for support. They are speaking with the goverment to convert their centers into ration shops. These shops will have basic things required for the families during this pandemic.

Utsav Agarwal

Utsav Agarwal 2018 Yatri

Varanasi Uttar Pradesh

I am pursuing my MBA - International Business from Banaras Hindu University. I was a Yatri in 2018-19 and have been a part of various conference including Young Leader Summit at IIM-B to Harvard University, HPAIR and UN conference in Thailand. We have created a central platform "It costs nothing" http://itcostsnothing.com to provide all information related to COVID-19 relief work. We are connecting supplier and buyer including hospitals for urgent need of masks, sanitiser, ventilators and other medical supplies. We are also connecting with different organisation providing free food, grocery and mental support during the crisis. Currently, we are serving in 16 states and looking forward to reach out more people.

Bhupesh Gunapati

Bhupesh Gunapati 2019 Yatri

Nellore Andhra Pradesh

Now a days we are seriously facing problem regarding corona virus. No one is wearing masks in rural areas, if they are not wearing masks, it going to be a major problem for spreading of viruses. Most of the members are not having any awareness about this issue so we i.e KPL MACTS decided to create a awareness and also we are distributing 20,000 masks for rural people . we are decided making of masks should give to rural women for livelihood in this hardships, we have selected 50 trainees of LEDP (Livelihood enterprising development programme ) & MEDP ( Micro enterprise development programme )supported by NABARAD .because of this corono virus problem the rural women last their livelihoods this is main reason we are providing some work through this mask making .now they are getting 400 Rps per day, they will have a work at least one month from now .

Amey Mundada

Amey Mundada 2015 Yatri

Amalner Maharashtra

Keeping our society clean and healthy is everyone's responsibility.In this tough time, we should make some positive changes in society which will inspire others to do the same. Apart from our projects, we sanitized no. Of houses in our surrounding areas. We are feeling really proud that till today, we have sanitized more than 500 homes.

Umakant Khedkar

Umakant Khedkar 2015 Yatri

Pune Maharashtra

I am also associated with Jagriti Yatra since 2015. Through this, we are running regular health check-up camps and have conducted blood donation drives on various occassions. As we all know, world is in vicious grip of corona pandemic. This pandemic has not only created health emergency but also has caused considerable amount of panic amongst health-care providers. This is the reason why many feared to admit let alone treat patients other than those requiring emergency help. Many opted to close their OPDs too.In this light, we all decided to come together to put a fight against Corona Pandemic. For this, currently, I am working with a team of 50 doctors for Corona relief since 23rd March, 2020. We have formed a relief cell named 'Helping Hands- Call for help' so that maximum people can get benefit out of it. Here, we provide online telecommunication based consultation facility to those who are not able to come the hospitals or those who do not get easy access to any health facililty. We also provide counselling to those who are being anxious, panicky or scared due to corona.


Saurabh Khandelwal

Saurabh Khandelwal 2019 Yatri

lonavla Maharashtra

As we are a employee based company working with more than 200 employees on ground. And during this covid_19 it's a tough challenge for us to care about them as well. with a prediction of there are more then 7.3 M staff working in Hospitality industry during these periods it's very tough for them to survive cause 42% of them working with budget hotel as daily wages employees. So we thought to provide some help and job assurance to them. We started a initiative to identify them and providing them support with rasan and some fund for there survival. Apart from this we always ensure about safety safety of staff and hygiene foods to be serve on table for guest.


I quit my Banking job with the Bank of New York Mellon of 7 Years last year to take Mitti Ke rang (Social Venture) working towards Widows and Women which I Co founded in 2014. I was Yatri on 16/17. We are raising 10 Lakhs (1 Million) to help 1000 families Maids, Daily Wage Worker, labourers with 1000 rupees. In 9 Days we raised 8 Lakhs rupees. Total of more than 800+ Supporters. We are helping around 25+ NGOs Across India who are working on ground and with whom we have directly or indirectly worked. Transferring money to an individual account through reference. Example - Any of your friend/Volunteer/fellows/yatri’s give us reference who needs help we transfer the funds immediately. Till now he has already transferred 1,000 Rupees to 500 families. We are not waiting to raise the Complete amount and then transfer, instead we are transferring immediately.

Sidhartha Jatar

Sidhartha Jatar 2009 Yatri


Sidhartha Jatar is an investments lawyer at Kochhar&Co, Delhi. He works with VC's and startups on legal documentation during funding rounds. He also undertakes other advisory and general corporate commercial work. Sidhartha is a 2009 Yatri and is assisting the khanaachahiye project by reviewing legal documents being entered into with partners

Raju Kendre

Raju Kendre 2013 Yatri

Vidarbha Maharashtra

Under Eklavya Movement banner that focuses on developing core youth leadership through education among distressed & tribal region, we have addressed the most demanding issues in lockdown time. With experience from Kerala and Sangli floods, TISS alumni network and Eklavya weave Let's Help Maharashtra network to ensure fulfilling basic needs of vulnerable tribal adivasi and migrant workers that helped more than 7000 people since lockdown. Considering its social and psychological impact, we started Mokala Sanvad (Open Dialogue) helpline with doctors and counsellors. To engage free time of youth and house locked masses, Eklavya Virtual Book Club to inculcate reading habit, Talk Series to discuss ongoing burning issues, Phule-Ambedkar essay competition under book club are organised that started a concrete dialogue among people. We have published informative booklets in 5 tribal languages about Covid-19 & it's prevention. We aim to reach 15,000+ people by 10th May through these programs. Do visit us at fb.com/EklavyaMaharashtra for more

Mayank Jain

Mayank Jain Yatri


Project Setu Is working against the misinformation floating from Social Media. With India accounting for over 400 million WhatsApp and 280 million Facebook users, the rate at which every snippet of news spreads, is quite blistering. Project Setu was kicked off to resolve this with a dual purpose — first, ensuring authentic information reaches the masses and second, enabling individuals to suspend false reports.


Wassim 2019 Yatri

Shrinagar Jammu & Kashmir

Waseem Ahmad Nadaf (Social Innovator) CEO-Letbreathe technology pvt.ltd have designed and prototyped a Ventilator, which I have constructed by deconstructing a few gadgets at my home and neighborhood, which I then assembled to construct the prototype. This “VENTILATOR-C” keeps the oxygen flow regulated and the oxygen (tidal volume) supply can be controlled by a simple button or knob. The prototype is fully regulated, secured and adoptable, so in case the patient jerks, coughs or sneezes, VENTILATOR-C will automatically regulate it by the in-built circuit which then is in the process of being integrated with Artificial Intelligence for more convenience of the user, a mobile app will be designed to moderate VENTILATOR-C. The device and the patient will continue to work in sync for breathing through VENTILATOR-C. The ‘Ambu bag’, the oxygen carrying pipes, and the mouth mask are biologically neutral and it does not provide a host for any life form to sustain. It works on a 12-volt battery and AC current as well, which makes VENTILATOR-C a portable device. VENTILATOR-C has 6 different calibrations with multiple frequencies which helps it to regulate 'the per minute cycle/flow of oxygen. It consumes electricity less a 20-watt bulb. It is very easy to assemble and very cost effective I am working on the construction of Artificial Intelligence which will be integrated in the VENTILATOR-C based of pure scientific research, innovation, experiment, testing and suggestions from scholars, doctors and experts from all over world.