Frequently Asked Questions

What is the Jagriti Yatra?

Jagriti Yatra is a 15-day long, national train journey that covers 8000 kilometers across the length and breadth of India. Every year, it takes 500 highly motivated youngsters (with some participation of international students), selected from thousands of applicants, to meet inspiring role models of India.

The aim is to awaken the spirit of entrepreneurship (both social and economic) within India's youth by exposing them to individuals and institutions that are developing unique solutions to India's challenges. Through this national event we have begun to inspire the youth of India to lead and develop institutions both nationally and within their communities.

Who can apply for the Yatra? Is there an eligibility-criterion?

Anyone over 20 years of age can apply for the Yatra. We have two categories of Yatris:

  • Participants: Youth between 20-27 years of age
  • Facilitators: Experienced professionals above 25 years of age

I am not highly qualified, am not a degree holder, can I apply?

Selections are not based on educational qualifications.

To select a Yatri, we do not look at exam-results; rather we consider abilities, motivations and values of the candidate. We consider the candidates’ ability to think creatively, their understanding of India’s pressing problems, and the commitment and approach to solving these.

Do I need to be an entrepreneur to apply for the Yatra?

Not necessarily. The Yatra seeks to inspire individuals who have the potential and motivation to become an entrepreneur, but they may not necessarily already be an entrepreneur. The Yatra also seeks to empower individuals who wish to build India through their professions and work spheres.

How many role models will I meet? And who are these role models?

We have shortlisted 12 destinations for every Jagriti Yatra. At each destination you will visit around 1-2 role models, thus 15-20 role models in total.

A few of the role models the Yatra has had in the past and is likely to include again this year are – Anshu Gupta (Goonj, Delhi), Joe Madiath (Gram Vikas, Odisha), Bunker Roy (Barefoot College, Rajasthan) and Dr. Aravind (Aravind Eye Care). The final list will be released in December.

Where will I stay during the Yatra?

On the train! The organizing team, volunteers and the support staff – all live in the train for complete 15 days. The organising team assigns compartments to the Yatris before they board the train.

Male and female Yatris are housed in separate Non-AC bogies. Between these two Yatri sections are the organising team compartments and the seminar section (AC chair car).

Will there be a shower/bath facility on the train?

Two special bogies on the train (separate for male and female Yatris) are converted into bathrooms. These have cubicles to maintain privacy and adequate water is provided. Since water supply is limited, there are designated times during the day when Yatris can use the bathing facilities.

What happens on the train while we are travelling between destinations?

This is the time when the greatest interaction and learning takes place. Fantastic conversations and debates happen over a cup of tea or in the AC chair car sessions.

Various teams/groups into which participants are divided come together and work on assigned projects. This is also the time to socialize/network and get to know each other and have fun while on the Yatra. Music and Art is always welcomed on the train, so be as creative as you can!

When should I reach Mumbai?

Once you are selected and have completed the payment process, you are officially a ‘Yatri’. The next step is for you to reach Mumbai – where the Yatra begins – for the inauguration on December 24. If you are a facilitator you need to reach a day earlier to attend the induction workshop on December 23.

Complete details of the time and venue for registration and facilitators workshop will be emailed to you. Women participants who need overnight accommodation in Mumbai can write to us and we will help connect you with other female Yatris who are looking for accommodation.

An information kit called the ‘Yatri Kit’ will be sent to all the selected Yatris with more details on accommodation available near the registration venue.

Will there be medical assistance available during the Yatra?

2 fully qualified doctors (one male and one female) will be onboard with sufficient medical supplies. A sick bay is set up on the train for Yatris who fall sick. In addition, we are also connected with hospitals along the route, in case of emergencies.

You must inform the Yatra organizers if you take any medication or have a pre-existing medical condition, prior to the start of the Yatra.

How safe is it to travel on the train for 15 days?

Safety of all persons onboard is of prime importance to us. We have railway security as well as additional security personnel to take care of safety concerns. Women compartments have women guards. These security personnel travel with us throughout the Yatra.

What is the provision for meals and water?

The train has a full-fledged pantry car. Vegetarian food is provided through breakfast, lunch, snacks and dinner. All meals are freshly prepared, with proper hygiene, and served on the train in each bogie.

If required, meals may be distributed in packets at destinations after deboarding the train. Bottled water is also provided through regular distribution of water. No outside food is allowed on the train due to risk of food poisoning.

How many female Yatris are there on the train?

We aim at having 50% women participants. For our past Yatras we had 40% women candidates on the train. There are almost 200 women as Yatris. Other than these, we have women volunteers and team members on the train as well.

I am a girl and wish to come for the Yatra. How safe will the Yatra be for me?

Safety on the train is our prime concern. Remember, you are one among almost 200 like-minded women from various parts of our country. Other than participants, we have women volunteers and team members on the train as well. Our security includes women security staff for each women bogie.

Male and female candidates are in separate bogies and both have separate bathing facilities. In the words of a Yatri Prayaga Hoge, who participated in the Yatra, “As a woman participant, at no time did I feel unsafe or threatened. It is incredible that after being together on the train for just 1-2 days such a spirit of camaraderie develops that everyone looks out for each other and is willing to go out of their way to help each other.”

We can connect your parents with parents of past female Yatris if you wish.

I come from non-urban India, do I stand a chance against the confident urban youth?

Our vision is to inspire young Indians from Middle India, the small towns and villages of India. Empowered women bring prosperity in their communities. We have had women candidates from semi-urban and rural India from almost all Indian states, for the past 5 Yatras. These female Yatris were not necessarily highly qualified or very comfortable with English but had the fire to be the change.

Our experience shows that they made the most, out of the experiences and learnings from the Yatra. Some of our female Yatris belonging to non-urban regions have even started small ventures on their own and are successfully pursuing them.

I do not have any relatives or friends in Mumbai. Where do I stay?

Women participants who need overnight accommodation in Mumbai can write to us. We will help connect you with other female Yatris who are looking for accommodation.

An information kit called the ‘Yatri Kit’ will be sent to all the selected Yatris with more details on accommodation available near the registration venue.

Will I get medical assistance on the train?

We have qualified and experienced doctors on the train. We try best and ensure that one among them is a female doctor. In one of the compartments we set up a dispensary for minor illnesses and injuries. We request you to inform the doctor if you are already under some form of medication or have certain allergic tendencies.

Can I keep in touch with my parents?

We value and appreciate the participation of your parents. You can speak to them anytime possible. You can also ask them to join us for the inauguration ceremony in Mumbai on the December 24 or for any one role model/institution visit or a panel discussion.

Is the train well-equipped to take care of an international participant for 15 days of travel?

The journey is an adventure with 500 other like-minded, young and entrepreneurial participants. No doubt, it will test you physically and intellectually. However, the train is equipped with all reasonable facilities to take care of your needs, including a sick bay, a doctor, a pantry car for food, nominal washing facilities and a public address system to keep participants informed of activities. The sleeping accommodation for participants is non-air conditioned coaches. Food served will be vegetarian and Indian, but we also make provision for non-spicy vegetarian food for some international participants if needed.

What should I do in preparation for the journey if I am an international student?

You should be in good physical condition before travelling. Make sure you’ve completed all the necessary tasks recommended by your country’s foreign travel department. You should also take adequate travel insurance for any untoward illness or injury. Remember to pack a good sleeping bag and woollens for North India. The south is temperate.

Most importantly, you should travel with an open mind, as the experience of travelling with 400 others from different parts of India, and with backgrounds very different from yours will challenge you physically, emotionally and intellectually.

What is Jagriti?

Jagriti Yatra is a non-profit organisation that inspires and empowers Indian youth to build India through enterprise. Jagriti focuses on Middle India – youth in the small towns and villages of India. It is registered under the Indian Societies Act, and has its head office in Mumbai.

What is the daily routine on the train?

The daily routine on the train will revolve around visiting entrepreneurial role models of India and interacting with them. This will involve travelling by night between destinations, and going by bus to the local place to interact with the role model and/or to visit their enterprises and institutions. Maximum interactions and discussions take place when travelling from one destination to the next. Various teams/groups get to work on the assigned projects.

How do we cope with language differences on the Yatra?

English and Hindi are two main languages on the train and most Yatris are fluent in either one or both. If needed, multilingual Yatris help out with translations.

Do I have to pay to apply for Jagriti Yatra?

No, there are no charges for applying. The relevant Yatra fees are applicable only if you’re selected.

Do I need to complete and submit my application in one sitting?

No, you can start filling your application form and keep saving it. If you don’t have access to good internet, you can note down the questions and work on them offline. You can prepare your answers in MS word and then paste them in the online application.

But it’s advised that you submit your application much before the deadline, since that could improve your chances of selection. Ideally you should complete your application within two weeks of registering on the Jagriti Yatra website.

I want to fill up my online application in Hindi. How do I type in Hindi?

You can fill the application form for Jagriti Yatra in Hindi. You can do this by typing Hindi words in English, that is, type a word the way it sounds in English and it will be converted to Hindi. E.g. ‘Mera avedan patra’ will be ‘मेरा आवेदन पत्र’. Alternatively you can type on MS Word using ‘Mangal’ or any other unicode font and copy-paste the text in the online application.

Before final submission we show the application content as seen by the system. Make sure text appear legible before you hit the final submission button.

What could be wrong if the system does not let me submit my application?

Only completed applications can be submitted. Check if you have filled up the application fully and that no question is left unanswered.

Who do I contact for technical issues when registering and submitting my application?

You can write to

How do I know if I have been selected?

All selected candidates are informed via email.

I submitted my application a while ago and have not got information on my selection or rejection.

Submitted applications are evaluated by our panel and assigned a score. High scoring candidates are selected and informed by email.

If the score in the applications is not good enough the candidate is wait listed. Wait listed applications are reconsidered as per a rolling process. Wait listing of applications is not informed by an email.

Unsuccessful (rejected) participants are informed via email in the month of December.

Which payment option should I select?

You should select the payment option carefully. We offer sponsorships to candidates who come from weak financial backgrounds. Those who opt for sponsorships have to produce an authentic income proof document. Please note that sponsorships through Jagriti Yatra are limited and will be awarded to the most deserving candidates only. We urge all selected Yatris to look for alternative sources of sponsorship.

I am a selected candidate. My payment status is final. Can I pay online?

Yes, we accept. The details will be shared by email.

I am an international candidate. Can I avail sponsorship?

No, the sponsorships are available only for Indian Candidates.

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