Are you driven by the vision of building a better India? There are many ways to do it. At Jagriti, we have started on a very exciting mission to create a generation of entrepreneurs and nation builders. We have an ocean of young talent and we want to create an enterprise ecosystem to nurture it. We need your support in realising our ambition.

You can contribute to Jagriti Yatra’s vision of Enterprise-led-development for India in following ways:

We are looking for contributors who are genuinely driven by the vision and mission of Jagriti.

Our corporate partners recognise that entrepreneurship is critical not just for job-creation but also to spur innovation and development in agriculture, healthcare, energy, education and other vital sectors that take the economy forward.

How will your contribution impact Yatris?

Life-Changing Experience to 550 Youngsters, mostly coming from small towns and villages

As contributors, our corporate partners have helped take 550 future nation builders and potential entrepreneurs each year on this journey of awakening.

Over 60% of our participants hail from small towns and villages where the need for job creation is vital. The exposure, learning and network gained from the Yatra is instrumental in their entrepreneurial journey.

Contribution opportunities

Apart from massively transforming the lives of Indian youth on-board the train, the Yatra also has a wide and deep reach through its messaging on the train and local transport, merchandise and products, branding, media coverage and year-long support activities. This gives an equal opportunity to our partners to find a relevant audience for their brand.

How do you benefit?

If you are motivated and inspired by our vision, and find value in our impact on India’s youth and its entrepreneurial potential, we are happy to offer a customized value proposition that associates your company’s brand and values with Jagriti Yatra’s core characteristics of enterprise, innovation, collaboration, and transformation.

By collaborating with Jagriti Yatra, you automatically get the benefits of reach and impact –

  • Associating with a unique youth movement of entrepreneurship
  • Projecting the brand as supporter of the youth of the country involved in nation-building effort
  • Penetrating into the small towns and villages of the country through year-long activities and media-led campaigns
  • Accessing our ever-growing strong alumni network of youth across the country

Contact for more details.

If you are a business, foundation, trust or an individual who strongly believes in the Jagriti Yatra concept, don’t miss this opportunity to support the Yatris – our future Nation-Builders.

Contributors for Deserving Yatris

The ‘experiential learning’ provided by the Yatra exposes India’s youth to role model enterprises. These can adapted and replicated in their own setting. Jagriti Yatra has led to deep impact for the Yatris, 40% of whom get involved in some form of business and social entrepreneurship post the Yatra experience.

Your support will provide an opportunity for these nation-builders to be a part of this transformational experience.

Contributors for Women Yatris

40% of our Yatris are women, and we aim to take this to 50%. We firmly believe that women must play an equal role in the Nation-Building process.

Don’t miss this opportunity to contributor for a future woman entrepreneur and to encourage more and more women to be a part of the Yatra, so we can see this 40% ratio grow.

Contributors for Yatris from Your Own Community

Do you already support a community or village or youth group? You can contributor for candidates from such groups, provided they clear our selection process.

Contact for more details.

Volunteer for Jagriti Yatra

We look for committed volunteers round the year for these roles:

Selectors Panel

If you have a knack for finding talent, volunteering for the Selectors Panel can be highly rewarding for you. As a selector, you will be required to assess candidate applications for the next Yatra.


  • Resonance with our vision of Enterprise-led development
  • Ability to identify potential social/business entrepreneurs through applications submitted by candidates
  • Expertise in academia as professors, entrepreneurs (both social and business), innovators and various other vocations
  • Experience of work with youth, social or professional
Time commitment – 3 hours per week

Contact for more details.

Awareness Ambassador

If you’ve had a life-changing Yatra experience, then share the joy and opportunity with others! ‘Awareness Ambassadors’ for Jagriti Yatra are those past Yatris who are keen to help us spread awareness and create interest in the Yatra amongst others. Jagriti Yatra has a thriving Campus ambassadors program (CAP) all across India.

By doing so, you can get deserving candidates to learn about the Yatra and encourage them to apply.


  • Conduct awareness presentations in colleges/institutions, NGOs
  • Organise press meets involving local press
  • Deliver presentations in your town/village and surrounding areas
Time commitment – 2 hours per week

Jagriti Ambassadors for District Entrepreneurs

Jagriti has launched its flagship district-level awareness program JADE (Jagriti Ambassador for District Entrepreneurs) for the Yatris from Tier 2 and 3 districts. Read more about the program.

Contact for more details.

Engine Room Club (ERC)

Are you a Yatri who is excited by the sheer scale of operations of the Yatra ?

Helping organise Jagriti Yatra is a tremendous experience and often a next step for those who have already experienced it as Yatris. The ERC makes sure the train reaches the next stop on time, that everyone onboard has been served fresh, delightful meals and that the experience is smooth and conducive to learning. Join the Engine Room Club to help with the operations, programming and media on the biggest train event of its kind in the world!


Volunteer in various departments like catering, house-keeping, programming, media management, train punctuality, etc

Time commitment – Fulltime from December 1 to January 10

Contact for more details.

Registrations open for Jagriti Yatra 2021

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Equal partners in Building India through Enterprise

Special scholarship for women