Jagriti Yatra has been executed successfully since 2008 and has impacted the lives of more than 6200 Yatris. Experiences of past Yatris best capture this impact.

99% of Yatris recommend the Yatra as a 'Must-have Experience'

Soonrita Sahasrabuddhe 2008 Yatri

I don’t feel alone anymore — I am no longer the odd one out. I am connected to a sea of young India that is positive, enterprising and ethical. Read More

100% of our Role Models believe that the Yatra is changing the mindset of the youth.

Anshu Gupta Founder, Goonj

Bringing about behavioural and thought level changes in people is quite a challenging job. In Jagriti Yatra the impact is massive and deep. We at GOONJ have seen this first hand with the Yatris. There is a vast change in their vision, thoughts and behaviour after the Yatra. The Jagriti Yatra, to me is a source of energy and inspiration, from the brightest 550 youth from all over the country. Read More

Vidyut Varkhedkar 2014 Yatri

Yatra has been a moment of inspiration for many, but Vidyut Varkhedkar, had a life-changing experience when she boarded the Jagriti Yatra train, in 2014. For her, it was the moment that defined her calling, and she couldn't just keep it to herself and decided to write a book on her experience.

Read through her experience of life changing moment.

Measuring the Impact of the Yatra

Jagriti Yatra has evolved in its reach and impact, year after year. It has turned into a movement – a movement of Enterprise-led-development – which aims to unleash a generation of entrepreneurs.

Impact on India

Jagriti Yatra has impacted lives of thousands of individuals, directly or indirectly, since its inception

Creating Entrepreneurs

16% started their own enterprise after the Yatra

Around 45 enterprises are being created by the Yatris every year. Even those who were entrepreneurs before coming on the train are benefitted immensely from the exposure and networking opportunities presented by the Yatra.

Kalyani Khodke 2008 Yatri and Founder Range Design Studio

After having worked at Tata Motors for 3 years, Kalyani decided to quit her job and instead start her own business. Range Design Studio is a product design and management firm which designs like electric toy car for kids, an electric personal mobility vehicle for adults and those products which will address common man’s important day to day necessities. Her dream is to develop products and solutions that are going to make life better, more comfortable and happier. Read More

Impacting Middle India

47% of the enterprises have been started in the small towns and villages.

Remaining 53%, while they are based in metros, they must be impacting the Middle India in some or other way. For instance, by having their operations in small towns and villages, resulting in generation of employment there. These enterprises are spread across a spectrum of sectors – Agriculture, Healthcare, Manufacturing, Education, Livelihoods, Online Services, and others – thus contributing to nation-building.

Joining social enterprises and start-ups

20% joined social enterprises and start-ups after the Yatra

Jagriti Yatra is creating a pool of passionate youth who want to work with social enterprises and start-ups. These youth may not be ready to become entrepreneurs on Monday morning. Rather they want to gain more experience by working at the social enterprises and start-ups. And then later take the path of enterprise. This excludes around 4% Yatris who joined entrepreneurship courses, development studies, business studies, and took fellowships such as Teach for India, Gandhi, and Piramal fellowships.

51% of the Yatris are directly involved in nation-building activities

Impact on Globe

Jagriti Yatra has set a global Example of a Unique Youth Program. It has generated great interest in USA, UK, South Africa and France where similar programs are now being developed. In the US, the Millennial Train journey, was led by a JY Alumnus, was successfully finished in August 2013

Intangible Impact

The impact created by the Yatra on the lives of the Yatris goes far beyond the 15 days of train. Toughest to measure, intangible impact on the Yatris is the most significant impact. What emerged to be the most helpful to the Yatris in their personal and professional pursuits are:

  • Exposure
  • Entrepreneurial skills
  • Understanding of different career choices
  • Networking
  • Interpersonal skills
  • Greater understanding of multiple cultures

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