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Paul and Sabriye Founders, Braille without Borders & IISE

We are convinced that the Jagriti Yatra initiative will positively shape the future of India. It offers a wonderful platform that will nourish the entrepreneurial spirit in the Indian youth of today leading to a better tomorrow.

Dr. S. Aravind Aravind Eye Care, Madurai

The energy levels that the team has when they visit our institution are so palpable and it kindles the same spirit in our organization. The inquisitiveness to learn and also explore the possibility of them being change agents is a significant character of this Yatra. We at Aravind look forward to this event eagerly every year. Visiting the train and meeting the young minds is a special experience.

Joe Madiath Founder, Gram Vikas

Jagriti Yatra is once in a life time experience for those young people, chosen to undertake this train journey across India. During this journey they go through a wealth of experiences, meeting different social entrepreneurs. The experience gained on this journey is something that slowly transforms the lives of the participants.

Anshu Gupta Founder, Goonj

Bringing about behavioral and thought level changes in people is quite a challenging job. In Jagriti Yatra the impact is massive and deep. We at GOONJ have seen this first hand with the Yatris. There is a vast change in their vision, thoughts and behavior after the Yatra. The Jagriti Yatra, to me is a source of energy and inspiration, from the brightest 400 youth from all over the country

Dr R A Mashelkar Padmashree

The opportunity to meet the young yatris of Jagriti Yatra was unquestionably a high point in my life. I was expected to inspire them, but it was the other way round, they inspired me! Our interaction was so energizing and so fulfilling!!

Nandini Vaidyanathan Founder, Startups

Everybody has a 'wow' moment and if one is lucky, several of them during a lifetime. I am possibly one of the few really privileged ones who meets amazing people literally most days of the year, which means I have a treasure chest of wow moments. But I can tell you this, if I were asked to pick this one heirloom which I will want to pass on to the future generations, it will easily and uncontestably be 2nd Jan 2010 at TCS campus in Hyderabad at the Jagriti Yatra. Nothing had prepared me for what I was going to experience

Usha S Founder, Thanal

We enjoyed seeing you all , especially the youngsters. Hope this journey will be a watershed in their life

G Vijayraghavan Founder, Technopark, Trivandrum

I enjoyed the time that I spent with the Yatris and happy that some of them found my interaction useful

Chetna Sinha Founder Mann Deshi Bank & Mann Deshi Foundation.

When I participated in Jagriti Yatra, it reminded me my youth days when we were in Gandhian Movement. Yatra was full of passion, energy and cheer. Jagriti Yatra is revolutionizing the youths of India by giving them exposure of positive India where aspirations and dreams of poor become true.

Madhura Chatrapathy founder-president of AWAKE (Association of Women Entrepreneurs of Karnataka), Trustee Director of Asian Centre for Entrepreneurial Initiatives –ASCENT

I believe entrepreneurship is an attitude; it's all about being innovative and networking. Its an attitude which can be nurtured through a lot of experiential learning. I endorse Jagriti Yatra 300% because all what I am in my social or business life is all because of my exposure. And Jagriti Yatra gives so much of exposure to young men and women; sometimes this is all that they need to bring out the best in them.

Yatri Quotes

Gaurav Bajaj

The Yatra was like a beacon of light in this world sometimes engulfed by darkness. It showed us through examples, that hope conquers all. The Yatra gave us a new ‘perspective and direction ‘ and the bonding we developed on the trip is something to cherish forever!

Parag Awasthi

Yatra taught me to be tolerant, accept other opinions. It also pushed me to move from being 'a thinker' to 'a doer'

Kalyani Khodke

The financial model of Aravind Eye Care was impressive but what really touched me was its  powerful simplicity- its soul

Lekha Naidu

Outside the window, a different landscape unfolds everyday. Inside, the train carries a choice selection of India - as one walks along the length of the train, the variety of languages and ideas is mind boggling

Raghu Tenkayala

It is a luxury train- not materially but in the amazing wealth of dreams,  ideas and plans that it inspires

Soonrita Sahasrabuddhe

I don’t feel alone anymore- I am no longer  the odd one out. I am connected to a sea of young India that is positive, enterprising and ethical

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