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As the pandemic ran roughshot over the country, leaving personal loss and economic devastation in its wake, India found itself on an inflexion point. The recovery has been slow, but sure. As one of the largest and oldest community of entrepreneurs in this country, we reflected on our 12 year long exercise of inspiring and encouraging youth in building the country, we were posed with the challenge of taking the physical journey into the digital space.

Here we stand, a year removed and one successful digital yatra later, armed with multiple initiatives that are doing fantastic work with the larger community and an even larger network of alumni hard at work on fulfilling their pledge.

Join us, as the Jagriti Digital Yatra takes you on a 15-day digital journey combining eminent speakers, power-packed initiatives and a dynamic fraternity; all driven by the boundless ambition to build the nation through enterprise. With the aim to inspire, innovate and incubate, the Jagriti Digital Yatra is a confluence of change-makers, leaders, problem-solvers and innovators. It focuses on the themes of Agriculture, Health, Technology, Handicraft and Apparel, Women Empowerment and Urbanization and interlinking entrepreneurship with nation-building. The Digital Yatra is accepting applications for over 2000 changemakers this year, building on our strong legacy of extending unyielding support to young entrepreneurs wherever possible.


The Jagriti Yatra’s experiences reimagined in the digital form. Join us for a wide-range of experiences to foster, nurture and actualize the spirit of entrepreneurship

Have the Yatra Experience come to You Join hands as we bring India back on track

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To participate in the Yatra - follow these steps
  1. Register with your email id and phone number(WhatsApp).
  2. After registering you need to verify your email id.
  3. Open your email id and you have received an email from
  4. to verify your email account.
  5. Click on the link to verify your email id.
  6. Once you verify your email, Login to our website.
  7. Pay 100/- INR as registration Fees. (it is only an application fee)
  8. Once you pay the registration fees, you will have access to the main form.
  9. Fill the application form and submit the application.
  10. Once selected, Pay the Yatra Fee (scholarships available).

Once you pay the Digital Yatra fee, you are a confirmed candidate for JDY 2021.

We use a state-of-art platform that allows for a seamless experience. Participants are grouped in cohorts and groups and are given their own separate digital rooms, where they communicate via an integrated messaging platform that allows for privacy as well as public chats, and audio and video calls, and sharing of files of all types. There are also lounges and separate activity-based rooms (like the bogies in 'physical’ train) where they can communicate across their cohorts and groups. There are also individual channels for intense discussions on expert talks, seminars, and brainstorming. And, a synergetic LIVE commenting system where the action is a spectacle to enjoy itself, even if you decide to sit back and observe. But of course, you won’t be able to. We promise! You will be tempted to dig in

Yes! Yes! Yes!

Knowledge-share and networking is one of the most important aspects of enterprise development. It is easy for Yatris to communicate via Rooms, groups, cohorts during their convenient time.

Creating a 2-week digital journey with supporting platforms and delivering a rich experiential program with exceptional role models, mentors & speakers calls for significant expenditure. The Yatra fee helps us cover these expenses in part. Yatra’s fee is INR. 7000. The selected candidate is currently eligible for a 45% scholarship*. You can book your seat for INR. 3800.

It is suggested that you pay the Yatra fee within 7 days of selection. As we have limited seats and limited scholarships.

The program is flexible in terms of time and space. And allows for one to gain without sacrificing on their current commitments like college, jobs, or projects. No matter what your field is- NGO, College, Business, Corporate, you can attend and reap the full benefits of what JDY has to offer. Visit our Program Agenda page for detailed activities and program.

Yes, in fact, there are only 500 seats in the physical yatra. Only digital Yatris will be given priority. Unless you wait until the physical yatra, we are not sure how many seats will be available for you. 2020 Digital Yatris have already booked their seats for the physical journey. The same will be applicable for 2021 Digital Yatri.

JDY is the best program for students, NGO workers, Potential entrepreneurs, and Entrepreneurs. The program focuses on professional and personal development with networking opportunities. You may see how our alumni have gained from JDY in #BeAChangemaker series

Yes, as soon as you take on the esteemed tag of a Yatri i.e. a Jagriti Alumni, you receive all the advantages that participants of physical Yatra get. Yatris get a lifetime membership to the Yatri community network which is already 6200+ strong.

Once you are an onboard candidate, you become eligible for the JDY Referral Program. Read about this more on our website

No, the fee covers the overall program.

In this situation please reach out to

The Last date for applying application is 30th November 2021.

There is six key focus area in Jagriti Digital Yatra 2021.
  1. Women
  2. Agriculture
  3. Health
  4. Technology, Handicraft, and Apparel
  5. Women Empowerment
  6. Urbanization

Criteria: we do not look at academic records; rather we consider the abilities, motivations, and values of the candidate. We consider the candidates’ understanding of India’s pressing problems and the commitment and approach to solving these.

Age Criteria: Anyone who is 18+ can participate in this program. For the facilitator, anyone who is above 27+ can apply.

In this situation please reach out to

In this situation please reach out to

Feel free to contact for any kind of Yatra-related queries from Monday to Friday 10 am to 6 pm on the following Numbers

  1. For Applications or Partnerships - contact Pankaj Mane - +91-7021307463 or Meet Bhatt - +91-9265351979
  2. For Donation, contact Lalitha Prakash - +91- 9820472490
  3. For After submission and selection related queries - contact Pragati - +91 - 9352831312
  4. For General Information - contact Akash - +91 9152584754

Impact Summary

Over the course of the last 13 years, across 12 journeys that circumambulated the world twice over, and one weaving a strong digital web of change across the world, we have inspired over 6200+ youngsters in bringing about a positive change in the community around them

Total number of Yatris

6200+ | Youth trained through Jagriti Yatra

Enterprises Created

28% Entrepreneurs | These 28% turned into entrepreneurs after participating in the Jagriti Yatra

41% Entrepreneurs | 41% of these enterprises have completed 3 years and are in the scale-up phase.

Influence of the Yatra

10% respondents | 10% of the respondents consider the Yatra as a "significant influence" in their personal & professional lives.

The Yatra has had an above average impact on the decision making & communication skills, and the overall confidence of the Yatris.

Effectiveness of Jagriti Yatra Network

89% Yatris | 89% of the Yatris found the Jagriti Yatra Network to be above average.

Nature of Enterprises

83% | For-profit enterprises 17% | Non-profit enterprises


For-profit enterprises

62% Enterprises | have a team size of around 10 people.

73% Entrepreneurs | Reported an annual turnover of over Rs. 10 lakhs.

Not-for-profit enterprises.

20% Enterprises of the not-for-profit enterprises have more than 30 members on their team.

47% Enterprises of the not-for-profit enterprises are funded by family and friends,

27% Enterprises of the not-for-profits have received funding from the government or CSR &institutional agencies, or both.

This is summerised exctract from an independent evaluation report by Impactree in 2016.

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